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Varappu Kudainchan

Varappu Kudainchan

  • Varappu Kudainchan




    Roots of this variety penetrate to a great depth into the ridges and are hence called ‘Varappu kudainchan’ (Varappu- ridges; Kudainchan- penetrator in Tamil).



    Special Features


    The rice of this variety is ideal for making idly.





    It is normally cultivated during Navarai and Kuruvai season. (December 15th to March 14th and June 1st to August 31st).



    Soil Type


    Clayey soil is preferred for cultivating this variety.



    Crop Duration


    110-115 days





    It grows upto a height of 124 cms.



    Colour and Quality


    The colour of the rice is red and it has a coarse rice quality.





    ABI Showatech (India) Ltd.


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