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Thanga samba

Thanga samba

  • Thanga samba

    Story of this variety



    The word “Thangam” in Tamil means “Gold”.Since the matured grains are golden in colour the variety is known as “Thangam Samba”.This variety is also known to increase the longevity of human beings.



    Special Features



    It increases stamina to a great extent.It improves human complexion and also the potency of male. The ear head of this variety is very long. Since this variety is extremely fine and long it is used for the preparation of special dishes like Pulav.It is suitable for the South Indian meal.






    It is normally cultivated during Samba and Late samba (between July 15th to January 14thand September 15th to February 14th).It is suitable for flooded area cultivation.



    Soil Type



    Sandy clay soil is preferred for cultivating this variety.




    Crop Duration



    160 – 165 days






    It grows to a height of about 140 cm



    Colour and Quality



    The colour of the rice is White and it has fine grains.





    ABI Showatech (India) Ltd. (2017 - 18)

    Mr. Ajit Narayanan (2018 - 19)


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