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Sigappu Kuruvikar

Sigappu Kuruvikar

  • Sigappu Kuruvikar



    This variety was preferred by manual labourers since consumption of rice soaked in water and consumed in the morning (Pazhaiya Sadham) delayed the hunger for a very long time.


    Special Features


    This variety gives a very good yield even when dry sown.  It is highly resistant to pests and diseases especially ground plant hopper and case worm.   Since the weight of the grain is heavy, it gives good yield. Very good rice for making Idli and Dosa.




    It is normally cultivated during Samba and Late samba (between July 15thto January 14thand September 15th to February 14th).


    Soil Type


    Sandy clay soil is preferred for cultivating this variety.


    Crop Duration


    120 – 125 days




    It grows to a height of about 95 cm


    Colour and Quality


    The colour of the rice is brown and it has coarse grains.





    Ms. K. Sumathy (2016-17)


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