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Seeraga Samba

Seeraga Samba

  • Seeraga Samba

    Story of this variety



    Details regarding this variety are found in Pazhani copper inscriptions and several traditional medical texts. The famous musical saint Sri. Thiyagaraja in one of his compositions has mentioned that though there are several varieties of rice they are not equivalent to Seeraga Samba and similarly though there are many Gods they are not equivalent to Lord Rama.  Because it resembles the shape of jeera, it is named as Seeraga Samba.  



    Special Features



    Since this variety is aromatic, it fetches the highest price amongst all traditional paddy varieties of Tamil Nadu.  The rice is extremely fine and aromatic and hence it is used for making Biriyani. There should be no waterlogging in the area  where it is cultivated. It helps to cure Vatha related disorders and it is easy to digest.






    It is normally cultivated during Samba and Navarai (between July 15thto January 14thand December 15th to March 14th).



    Soil Type



    Clayey and Sandy clay soil is preferred for cultivating this variety.



    Crop Duration



    125 – 130 days






    It grows to a height of about 90 cm



    Colour and Quality



    The colour of the rice is White and Aromatic and it has extremely fine grains.





    Ms. Vena Kapoor (2016 - 17)

    Dr. V. Madhurima (2017 - 18 & 2018 - 19)



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