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  • Perungar




    The rice of this variety is rich in Vitamin B.  Consumption of this rice variety helps to cure stomach related problems. Its rice is very delicious in taste, even we can eat the rice one day after cooking.



    Special Features


    This variety is highly resistant to pest and disease. It is suitable for cultivation in areas prone to water logging. The rice of this variety is highly suitable for making idly and dosa.





    It is normally cultivated during Navarai. (December 15th to March 14th).



    Soil Type


    Clayey soil is preferred for cultivating this variety.



    Crop Duration


    130 days





    It grows upto a height of 131.1 cms.



    Colour and Quality


    The colour of the rice is red and it has coarse rice.






    Turbo Energy Pvt. Ltd. (106 - 17)

    ABI Showatech (India) Ltd. (2017 - 18)

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