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Mappillai Samba

Mappillai Samba

  • Mappillai Samba




    This rice variety gets its name from folklore.  The rice was given to the bridegroom (Mappillai) to increase his strength which will help him to lift the stone (Ilavattakal)  and hence the name.  Only if the bridegroom lifts this stone can he win the bride.  The variety was supposed to provide the stamina for the same. 



    Special Features



    As already seen this variety increases the stamina.  Consumption of water with which this rice is washed is helpful to cure mouth and stomach ulcers, increases digestive power and also helps diabetic patients.  Research has shown that the energy content and crude fiber is extremely high in this variety.   It can withstand flooding.






    It is normally cultivated during Samba and Late samba (between July 15th to January 14th and September 15th to February 14th).



    Soil Type



    Clayey soil and Sandy clay soil are preferred for cultivating this variety.




    Crop Duration



    160 days







    It grows to a height of about 120 cm




    Colour and Quality



    The colour of the rice is red to grey and it has coarse grains.






    Dr. T.S. Balganesh (2016 - 17, 2017 - 2018, 2018 - 2019)


    Dr. N. Srividya (2017-18)


    A well wisher of CIKS (2018 - 19)

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