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  • Kullakar

    Story of this variety



    It is an ancient red rice variety with a lot of health benefits.   The straw of this variety is very sturdy and is preferred as a roofing material.  It is still cultivated in those areas where thatched houses are prevalent.



    Special Features



    Since this is a short duration variety it can be grown in all the three seasons.  It can be grown with minimum water.  It is highly drought resistant and there should be no waterlogging. Highly resistant to pest and disease. It has antioxidant properties and has higher zinc and iron content than the polished white rice.  It strengthens, regenerates and energizes the body, regulates blood pressure, prevents skin diseases and premature aging.  The variety is ideal for preparing Idly, Dosa and also preparation of Porridge.






    It is normally cultivated during Sornavari and Navarai (between April 15th to August 14th and December 15th to March 14th).



    Soil Type



    Clayey and Sandy clay soil is preferred for cultivating this variety.



    Crop Duration



    100 – 110 days






    It grows to a height of about 100 cm



    Colour and Quality



    The colour of the rice is Red and it has coarse grains.





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