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  • Kudaivazhai




    The ear heads of this variety appear like open umbrellas and hence the name “Kudaivazhai” (Kudai – Umbrella). Since it cleans the intestine and keeps us healthy it is also called as Kudalvazhai (Kudal - intestine in Tamil).



    Special Features



    This variety is highly suitable for waterlogging.  Since it grows upto 5 feet and the stem is 2.5 cm thick the straw is used as a roofing material.  Since it is a short duration variety it can be cultivated thrice a year.  This can also be cultivated in Saline soil.  It is used for curing stomach related problems, to improve digestion and also by diabetic patients.






    It is normally cultivated during Late samba (September 15th to February 14th )



    Soil Type



    Clayey soil and Sandy clay soil are preferred for cultivating this variety.




    Crop Duration



    120 – 125 days







    It grows to a height of about 150 cm




    Colour and Quality



    The colour of the rice is red and it has coarse grains.





    Ms. B. Poongkhulali (2016 - 17)

    A well wisher of CIKS (2018 - 19)


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