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  • Karunguruvai




    The name of this variety is mentioned in various ancient records.   It is believed that this rice variety has a number of medicinal properties which cures leprosy, filariasis and eliminates various other poisons from the body.  It is extensively used by Siddha and Folk medical practitioners.



    Special Features



    This variety provides great stamina.  Parboiled  Karunguruvai rice wards of skin diseases, urinary track diseases, poisonous stings and promotes health. The porridge of this rice is also indicated in fevers.  It has a very high iron content.






    It is normally cultivated during Kuruvai and Navarai (between June1st to August 31st and December 15th to March 14th).



    Soil Type



    Clayey soil, Alluvial soil and Sandy clay soil are preferred for cultivating this variety.




    Crop Duration



    120 – 125 days







    It grows to a height of about 100 cm




    Colour and Quality



    The colour of the rice is dark brown and it has coarse grains.





    Mr. Arun Mozhi Varman