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Kaivari Samba

Kaivari Samba

  • Kaivari Samba




    It has  stripes like what is found on the palm and hence the name “Kaivari Samba” (Kai – palm, Vari – Stripes).



    Special Features



    This rice is used for making Idly, dosa, Idiyappam and flattened rice. The hand pound flattened rice from this variety is extremely tasty.  It is highly resistant to pests and disease attack.  Able to withstand waterlogged and flooded conditions. 






    It is normally cultivated during Samba (between July 15th to January 14th).



    Soil Type



    Clayey soil is preferred for cultivating this variety.




    Crop Duration



    135 - 140 days







    It grows to a height of about 150 cm




    Colour and Quality



    The colour of the rice is red and it has bold coarse grains.





    Turbo Energy Pvt. Ltd. (2017-18)

    ABI Showatech (India) Ltd. (2018 - 19)



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