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Jil Jil Vaigunda

Jil Jil Vaigunda

  • Jil Jil Vaigunda


    Special Features


    This variety is highly drought resistant. The rice of this variety is suitable for preparing the traditional South Indian delicacies such as idly and dosa. This variety comes to harvest 10 days before the Vaigunda.





    It is normally cultivated during Samba. (July 15th to January 14th).



    Soil Type


    Sandy clay soil is preferred for cultivating this variety.



    Crop Duration


    125-130 days





    It grows upto a height of 115.2 cms.



    Colour and Quality


    The colour of the rice is dullish white and it has coarse quality rice.






    Turbo Energy Pvt. Ltd. (2016 - 17, 2017-18 and 2018 - 19)


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