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Arcot Kitchili

Arcot Kitchili

  • Arcot Kitchili




    The variety is named after the place in which it is traditionally cultivated namely the Arcot district of Tamil Nadu.  It also describes how the grains appear – like the fruit of a citrus variety Kitchili.



    Special Features


    Intake of rice increases the milk yield in lactating women and also improves the health of  the mother after delivery. Its hay helps to increase the milk yield of cow and to improve the immunity power.





    It is normally cultivated during Samba (July 15th to January 14th) and Navarai (December 15th to March 14th)



    Soil Type


    Sandy clay and Clayey  soil are preferred for cultivating this variety.



    Crop Duration


    140 - 145 days





    47  cm



    Colour and Quality


    The rice of this variety is white in colour.




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